SCARA - K6SIS repeater coverage maps

The following maps were generated using SPLAT (Signal Propagation, Loss, And Terrain). The google maps integration and tile generation was doine using maptiler The elevation data comes from the Shuttle Radar Terrain Mapping (SRTM) program courtesy of NASA.

The maps work best in terrain mode, but you switch between map and satellite views. The coverage maps were not generated at all possible zoom levels, so if you zoom in too far, you will not see the repeater coverage overlay. The colors range from Red (strongest signal) to Violet (weakest signal).

The colors actually represent the path loss in dB. Red indicating 0-80dB, thru violet = 180dB. Each different color represents an additional 10dB of path loss. Typically, handheld transceivers will work in the Red thru Yellow region. Mobile and base stations will be able to operate in the green areas. If you have a beam antenna, you can probably hit the repeater in the blue areas.

North County 146.79 Gunsight Peak Site Information
South County 146.82 Soda Ridge Site Information
West County 146.91 Slater Butte Site Information
East County 147.18+ (T 100) Mount Hamaker Site Information

Other repeater locations
Mahogany Point Site Information
Gray butte Site Information
Mount Eddy Site Information
Yreka OES Site Information